Serious about digital content

Seasoned writer, editor and digital content specialist. Former Head of Digital Content for two global television networks. Former senior digital content editor at the BBC. Former indie producer for Channel 4. Award-winning TV promotions writer/producer. Award-winning short film maker. Award-nominated podcast producer.

Scriptwriting mentor for Think Funny comedy writing workshops. Occasional visiting lecturer in comedy scriptwriting at Bournemouth University and London South Bank University.

Producer of a number of animated short films including Explicit Biscuit – Unleashed, which won Best Animation at the East Coast Film Festival 2018, and Aristaeus, which is an official selection for the London Short Series Festival 2018.

Employers/clients have included Channel 5, ITV, Red Bee Media, Virgin Media, Endemol, Comcast, Flextech, United Artists, A+E Networks, QVC and Discovery.